Heat  Alert: We are experiencing hot temperatures across the U.S. this time of year, we need to ensure Sparkling ICE is stored in a cool place. Any beverage with carbonation in a plastic bottle is at risk of going flat in very hot conditions – whether it is stored in a car, garage, outside. We are sharing this information with our consumers to ensure you enjoy refreshing Sparkling ICE, especially when it is hot out there. Thank you!

What is the sweetener used in Sparkling ICE?
Sucralose is the generic word for Splenda, which is a non-nutritive sweetener. Questions about Splenda? http://www.splenda.com/faq/no-calorie-sweetener

Does Sparkling ICE contain caffeine since it has green tea extract?
No. Our Green Tea extract does not contain caffeine, so Sparkling ICE is caffeine-free.

Is Sparkling ICE gluten-free?
Yes, Sparkling ICE™ is gluten-free.

Potassium content of Sparkling ICE?
30 mg potassium / 8oz serving in the ICE products

Is Sparkling ICE™ Kosher?
Sparkling ICE™ is certified Kosher.

Where can I purchase Sparkling ICE™?
Please be sure to check out our store locator page for a location near you. FindICE

Can I buy Sparkling ICE Direct from TalkingRain Company?
Our company does not sell direct. If you are interested in purchasing Sparkling ICE and don't have a local supplier, Amazon.com sells Sparkling ICE. Amazon will deliver direct to your door, free ground shipping if you order $25.00 worth of product.

How should I store Sparkling ICE for best taste?
Store away from direct sunlight in a cool location.

What kind of water is used in Sparkling ICE?
Mountain Spring Water

Is the color safe?
All of the food colors we use are approved and deemed safe for food use by regulatory agencies, including the US FDA Unfortunately natural colors do not offer the same properties as it relates to taste and color stability. So we continue to study new information regarding food ingredients as it becomes available, as well as listen to our consumers.

Does TalkingRain support charities?
Our company supports numerous non-profit organizations including the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Junior Achievement USA,  Miss Oregon & Miss Washington Scholarship Programs, Miss America Outstanding Teen, Girls on the Run Puget Sound, Leukemia/Lymphoma Society of Seattle, Pacific Northwest Arthritis Foundation, Issaquah Schools Foundation, Eastside Domestic Violence, Pacific Northwest Ballet, the Experience Music Project & Seattle Opera. If you are interested in TalkingRain supporting your organization please email your request with details that include event, charity, number of participants/guests, date, time and any attachments to events@talkingrain.com.

How can I have Sparkling ICE Sponsor my event?
Thank you for your interest in TalkingRain. Please send all requests for 2012-2013 to our Event Marketing Manager, events@talkingrain.com. Please include event dates, times, details, attachments and any pertinent information regarding your request. We will be reviewing all sponsorships, event proposals and donations on a weekly basis.

Who owns TalkingRain?
TalkingRain Beverage Company is a privately owned and operated company.

Interested in employment at TalkingRain?
Thank you for your interest in working at TalkingRain. Please submit your resume to Human Resources at hr@talkingrain.com. Please use the job title in the subject line for the position you are interested in. 

What is the Mailing Address?
TalkingRain Beverage Co, PO Box 549, Preston WA 9805.


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